Tan Wedding

Designing a wedding cake is usually a months long process in which the cake designer collaborates with the groom-and-bride-to-be to create a unique cake that best expresses the theme and feel of the wedding with the given budget. But sometimes that process happens over a few days. This cake from conception to birth took only 2 weeks, if that.

Classic Vanilla Cake with Vanilla Bean Custard, 
Sliced Strawberries and Vanilla Buttercream

Bryant knew exactly what he wanted when he contacted through our mutual friend, Robin. A Cherry Blossom, "Strawberry Shortcake" for 200 guests for his brother's wedding- I mean, cake for a gift? Is there a better gift?!

Photos Courtesy of Jerome Tobias. Hey Jerome, this is my favorite shot- you rock!

The Cakemonger in action! How's my technique?

Tan Wedding Cake was created September.20.2008