SF Strawberry Week 2009

Earlier this year I had the opportunity of participating in the SF Strawberry Week- a week-long event in which participating San Francisco restaurants submit a recipe to a strawberry dish to be published in a small cookbook and feature the dish on their menus.

Strawberry Week

Keeping in mind how perfect a ripe strawberry is at its peak, I created Roasted Strawberry Gelato Profiteroles.

Daniel Saravia


This recipe creates a dense and intensely flavored strawberry gelato.

The best part of participating in Strawberry Week is having my recipe published alongside the recipes of legendary chefs, such as Emily Luchetti and Elizabeth Falkner.

Emily Luchetti


Elizabeth Falkner


Here are some shots I took for blogging purposes :)

The photographer caught off guard


-Roasted Strawberry Gelato Profiteroles created the week of March.9th.2009.

Daniel Saravia